Population Data in Fresno, CA

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Population Data for Fresno, CA

  • Total Population : 477,435
    [Most Recent City Population]
  • Population Density : 4,575
    [The number of residents per square mile of area.]
  • Population Change : 11.61%
    [The percent change in the citys population since 2000. Negative percentages represent a decrease in population.]
  • Median Age : 30
    [The median age of all residents of the city. Median is the middle value, when all possible values are listed in order. Median is not the same as Average (or Mean).]
  • Number of Households : 153,747
    [The number of households in this location.]
  • Household Size : 3.05
    [The average (mean) number of residents of a household. A household includes all persons who occupy a housing unit, which may be a house, apartment, mobile home, or set of rooms.]
  • Male Population : 49.52%
    [Percentage of population who are male.]
  • Female Population : 50.48%
    [Percentage of population who are female.]
  • Married Population : 52.58%
    [Percentage of population who are married.]
  • Single Population : 47.42%
    [Percentage of population who are single.]